Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Marmee!

46 years ago today, this amazing woman was born into this world.

I must say, I am quite grateful for this day because without it, well, I wouldn't be here!
And that, my friends, would be THE tragedy of the century!

Ok, so all joking aside, my mom has got to be the most amazing woman I have ever and will ever meet (future wife, you have a LOT to live up to!). She exemplifies many of the characteristics of the woman whose name I call her. Ever since I was little, one of my favorite movies to watch every Christmas with my mom has been Little Women... I know... it's a total girly movie which really doesn't help me establishing a strong masculine image. Anyway, because of this movie, I call my mom Marmee because that's what the March sisters called their mom. It's something that is only between me and her and has established a fun bond between us. While I was on my mission in Tennessee, every letter was signed -Marmee and I looked forward to seeing that name every time. Like Marmee March, my Marmee is loving, diligent, and can endure just about anything. She has worked so hard her whole life, doing everything she could to provide for her family. My dad became disabled when I was little which made it so my mom had to become the sole provider for the family. Yet, even with this extra burden, she has never failed to follow Pres. David O. McKay's words which state, "No success can compensate for failure in the home." It's a motto that she has based her life upon, always ensuring that her responsibilities as a mother come first. She really is a strength and a role model to me(once again... sorry future wife!).

Well enough of the sappy stuff that nobody besides my mom really want to hear... although I did have to throw it in though simply because I love her... so sue me. I love so many things about my marmee(more than just the work ethic and the food she put on the table), so I compiled a list of just a few of my favorite things about her.
  • that C is not for cookie, but rather for Cameron, and that's good enough for her
  • that she introduced me to the wonders of 80's pop
  • that she instilled a love of reading in me
  • that she came to my room and kissed me good night every night until I went to college
  • that she never fails to remind the Easter Bunny of my love for black jelly beans
  • that she gave me my irresistibly charismatic smile
  • how she helped me overcome my disgust of mayo after ruining it by showing me how to make gumdrop cookies
  • how she never failed to recognize even the simple holidays like St Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day by lining the stairs with confetti and See's chocolate
  • for spending countless hours making the ultimate train cake for my 3rd birthday which put to shame the other kid's little circle cake
  • for teaching me that the Padres really are the ultimate baseball team
  • for making sure that her drive home from work every Monday night is completely and 100% dedicated to talking to me
  • how she laughs every time she hears the word "stool" and says, "You just said stool" simply because it's the medical term for poop (Dad has worn off on her I guess)
It's amazing to think that the little girl in curlers on the right, most likely watching The Lawrence Welk Show on a Saturday night, has transformed into the beautiful and amazing woman that I now call Marmee

Anyway, today is a special day and I'm guessing (or hoping at least) that my mom has gotten exactly what she asked for... the same thing she asks for EVERY year... the thing that will always remind me of Marmee... fresh flowers and a clean house. If I were home, I'd give it to you!

I love you Marmee and Happy Birthday!


  1. I enjoyed reading because I could hear your voice as I read this entry. Also I can truly tell you love your "marma" deeply and that you have a special "marma" son relationship. Keep the posts coming!

  2. you are just the best, nammer... I love you so much... this was the bestest!!

  3. Haha, sorry about that, I just wanted to say follow my blog: because we are parting ways soon but I accidentally messed up and I deleted the comment and bam now you have a beautiful empty comment. Alas!