Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

A miracle happened Sunday night!
Ok, so I have these friends, Lindsey and Megan (whose birthday is today! Holla!) who really are some of the funniest people you'll ever meet. However. It's one of those relationships where it's all give and no get... Hitch describes a 90-10 rule... yeah... we don't even have that. Now don't get me wrong! We have an awesome relationship and life really is a blast every time we do something... even making a simple run to the grocery store to get dip'n'dots somehow turns into the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, if I want to do something with these girls, I'm pretty much the one who has to instigate it. Until now

So it's a relatively typical Sunday night and my roommate Jesse and I decide that we're gonna be old men and call it a night at about 9:15. We do decide though, that we should have a small ice cream social (as soon as our other roommate, David, leaves... sorry David) Anyway, we are sitting on the couch discussing where we should live next year (meaning that I'm trying to convince Jesse we should move to a complex we had just looked at) and a loud series of knocks comes on the door and VOILA! Megan and Lindsey magically appear!

So we benevolently share our ice cream with those girls (once again... sorry David) and decide to have some good clean Sunday fun and play a friendly game of Catchphrase. Ok. So let me tell you. If you don't know Miss Lindsey Tipps -particularly in an excited mood- you haven't lived. It's almost like she's got the lungs of a black girl with the personality of the Tennessean that she is. I decided that many of the guesses presented during Catchphrase needed to be documented. (For those of you that have never played Catchphrase, I'm sorry, but it's a game where you have to get someone to guess a certain word or phrase by explaining it to them without using the given word or phrase) Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the evening... most of them thanks to Lindsey.

Me: Ok... so when you eat lettuce, it's a
Jesse: A Pallet Cleanser? (supposed to be a salad)

Megan: Ok, so not accoustic, but a...
Lindsey: A BANJO!!! (electric guitar)

Megan: Ok, so I knew a kid who had this when he was young.
Jesse: Herpes! (first of all, not his team, second of all, huh!?)

Me: You consume this in the afternoon
Jesse: A midday snack. (lunch, duh)

Megan: Get Happy!
Lindsey: Marijuana (pronounced by her, Mari ja wanna)

Lindsey: Who am I?
Megan: Latifah

Lindsey: it's a new term for gay
Megan: Homosexual? (brokeback... eew)

Megan: It's bread you eat at dinner
Lindsey: A dinner pita (we're Mormon... you'd think that "rolls" would come more easily than that)

Jesse: So it comes out of a gun and sprays everywhere
Me: Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this... Shartnell! (close, but I think a shart is a little different from shrapnel)

Megan: Ok, what are these? (holding up her hands)
Lindsey: (at the top of her lungs) HANDS!!! OF!!! LIFE!!! (I think simply saying hands would have sufficed)

Lindsey: (singing) abcdefghi... ok, what is that?
Megan: Oh! The abc's! (wow...)

Megan: So superheroes have these
Lindsey: Scooby Doo! (capes?)

Megan: Ok, so in China, they have these animals
Lindsey: THE WALL! THE GREAT WALL!!!!! Oh! I mean monkeys! (she was going for dragon)

Megan: Not pretty, but....
Lindsey: FAT! (fat is not always synonymous with ugly)

Well... with a night like that, I think I'm well on my way to a 6-pack by the end of summer... Oh! and might I just add, that out of about 5 rounds, Jesse and I won 5 times... do the math... we lost none. :)
Boys rule and Girls drool once again


  1. Nicely done!!! Although I am slightly offended by the last sentence. It was just an off night for us...........

  2. Oh my. This post is hilarious-even after reading it like 14 times. :) Good times. I must say, we are getting better at coming over and being good friends! This night spurred a change!!!