Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wanna Taste the Rainbow?

March Madness in Utah Valley has finally arrived... no, I'm not talking about BYU basketball (otherwise known as Jimmer and the Pips) making the Sweet Sixteen; rather, the Hare Krishna Holi Festival of Colors! Every year, diversity-starved youth round together to experience something other than white Mormonism.

- On a slight tangent... one of my favorite things to hear from a Utahn is when they say in response to a comment like the one just made, "Whatever! Utah is diverse! I had a Black friend!" To that, I say, Point, Set, Match.

Luckily, poor weather did not dampen the mood nor the excitement of the
festivities and the colored cornstarch continued to stain the clothes and fill the nostrils of anyone within a 5 mile radius. This year, I reunited with my good friends, Jake and Kelsey Marx (in whose wedding I was the best man last August). It had been a while since I had seen them, so it was fun to catch up. I was also SOOO thankful for Wallis and Tara to come with me as well so that the dreaded 3rd wheel title was not, once again, mine.

The walk up to the temple was actually kind of funny... we went for the 3:00 throwing so as we were heading up, everybody walking back to their cars were throwing colors at people and, just my luck, I was pretty much the only one to get hit. No matter which side of the walkway I was on, I got the force (as you can see by the picture above at the beginning of our excursion where I am already rainbowed up while everyone else is still clean.)

After trudging through mud and colored cornstarch slime (me in flip flops, of course) to get to a spot, the others finally recognized their jealousy of me in that they weren't as festive as I. Well, we fixed that problem... unfortunately, I may or may not have gotten a bit too excited and poor Tara got the force of it all. You see, we were decorating each other and I tossed a handful of purple powder at her face at about the same time she was laughing hysterically meaning eyes and mouth were both wide open. The good thing about this (yes, I AM making light of the situation) is that it made me feel less stupid about wearing flip flops because she was dumb enough to wear contacts! I was a gentleman though and came to the rescue of the crime that I committed by offering up my shirt previously covered with sweatshirt thus making things all better. I won't take up all the credit... Jake and Kelsey were a typically smart married couple who brought water with them which allowed Tara to wash out her eyes. With the water running down her powdered face, a blood-like substance accumulated down her neck and we really couldn't help but make an oh so cliche Twilight reference (fortunately, I can honestly say that I have never read the books and have only seen the first 2 movies thanks to my 18 yr old sister).

All in all, I'd say that we had a relatively successful afternoon. On my mission, I measured success by asking myself 3 questions: Did I work harder than I did yesterday? Was I 100% obedient? and Did I have fun? I like this approach to measuring success and I feel like a successful Color Festival can be measured by asking yourself the following: Did you ruin a completely good outfit? when you blow your nose, is it pink or blue for the following week? and do you get people commenting about how your ears and scalp are multi-colored at church the next day? For me, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. Ergo, my Saturday = success.

I think that the day can be summed up by Tara's words in the last moments of the following video as we are standing in a circle, dancing like nobody's watching (until now, when the video becomes viral) to some random Hare Krishna music... "I'm glad we came with you guys!"

Life's a blast... Let's keep it that way!

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