Monday, April 25, 2011

The Luxuries of a Craphole

Once again, it's come time to move... so goes the life of the nomadic college student. I realized as I was moving, that in the last 15-ish months, this is my 4th time moving, and in a couple of months, once sp/su is over, I will hop on the moving train for yet another round.

This moving experience was so much better than any other I've ever had... I didn't have to move multiple people's things by myself... I just had to move across the street... I had help from plenty of people... it was really a nice and relaxing move. We ended up moving all our stuff over to the new (and MUCH better) apt the night before official moving day; however, because there were still people living there, we had to put all our stuff in my new bedroom. Not surprisingly, my stuff filled up over half the room while Jesse and David's stuff took the remaining space, making me feel a bit like a girl. With everything -kitchen, living room, bathroom etc- in that one room, it made us look like candidates for an episode of Extreme Hoarders: College Edition.

The nice thing about moving this time around is that I get my very own room! That's right... no more cramming my plethora of crap in the miniscule amount of space that BYU-approved housing claims to be sufficient! Though it will only last for a short 6 weeks, I am treasuring every moment of it. It has been nearly 8 years (ever since my little brother, Nick, was born) since I have had a space to call my own and nobody else's. Between sharing a room with Nick, then college roommates and mission companions, I've been a living billboard for the philosophy, "sharing is caring." Basically, this is quite a momentous time in my life. Come to think of it, I think I've only ever had my own room for 6 years (ages 9-15) in my 22 years of life. It's been SO MUCH FUN rearranging furniture etc. and not worrying about how a roommate's stuff will fit in with all my stuff taking up all the space. I even went as far as to move the 2 beds together, so guess who now has a king size bed!? that's right... I do! David even had some king size sheets (why? the world may never know) that he let me borrow, so it's that much better. Oh, and yes, there are 2 dressers, and yes, they are both full, and yes, the closet is full as well. You'd think that the amazazing-ness of this move would stop here, but I say nay! it does not! Oh the luxuries of college living blossom further with this new and improved hole-in-the-wall I now call home. We have a gas stove, a working lock on the sliding glass door, and carpet... oh we have carpet - real carpet - not the nasty blue-ish green stuff you find in a church or any commercial building for that matter. Also, the ceiling lights in the bedroom happen to be in the middle of the room! I know! Whatever genius who decided to put the light in the middle so as to have light throughout the room rather than on the side so your light in the room is lopsided should be rewarded with all the gifts in life. I understand that this might begin to be a little overwhelming right now, but there's more! The linoleum in the bathroom - it's stuck on the ground. No more nastiness that comes up to reveal the previous rust-orange fake flooring from the mid-70s! Oh, and hey! the freezer happens to actually have a shelf in it! I almost forgot what it was like to not play a mixture of Jenga and Tetris when you want to eat or put groceries away. With all these fantastic things, I think I might implode!

Guys, I think I might be remembering what it's like to be civilized.
Not going to lie, life is bliss right now.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog!! Isn't it nice to have your own room? I was looking forward to a couple days of no one around...unfortunately it is when I needed people the most... :( Luckily my roomie moved in today! yaya! We need to hang out, call me! :)

  2. You forgot that the sink faucet in the kitchen is actually SECURE! This post made me jealous... especially the lights in the middle of the ceiling. I am amazed at how ghetto some of the villa can be! And by the way, I was stuck on the side of the room in my old apt with NO light. LAME!

  3. hmmmm... looks like "someone" took the Peter Pan Christmas tree "ornament" book...


  4. Okay... So I was corrected by my mom... I had my own room until I was almost 4, so tac on that time to the 6 yrs I originally put... soooooooorry!!!