Monday, June 13, 2011

My Operatic Slumber

I love to sleep.  It's a very simple thing, yet it brings such joy to my life.

This last weekend, my dear friend Jennifer Anne Marie McKay performed the lead role of Beatrice in Berlioz' opera, Beatrice et Benedict.  She did a wonderful job and gave a performance that would put Barbara to shame.  She outshone her Benedict (as every woman should) and rightfully received a standing ovation.

In support of our dearest Jenny, a large group of friends attended said opera, many of which losing their opera virginity.  I sat with my friend Wallis (slightly apart from the rest of the group because our friend Tara loves us enough to give us her comp tickets).  We were a row up and a hop, skip, and a jump over to the right from everyone else.  Wallis is well-experienced in opera attendance and came prepared with three types of BYU Bookstore fudge which came quite handy once intermission hit.  Yes, we were the obnoxious ones with crinkly wrappers that disrupted everyone around us.  I give you permission to judge, but may I remind you, that we were the happy ones and all the rest of y'all are just jealous!

The problem with me and the opera is that well, I'm a bit of the antsy type.  Sometimes I consider myself an undiagnosed ADHD victim, though I will never be tested because I refuse to be dubbed as the actual ADHD child.  Well, about 10 minutes into the opera, I began to squirm, bringing laughter to both Wallis and the couple sitting next to us.  Here comes another problem... when antsyness cannot be fulfilled, I crash.  It's like someone hits my off button and I plummet like a seagull on cheetos at the beach.  Pretty soon, I was slouched down in the chair so my neck was where the small of my back should be and my legs had to spread because there wasn't enough room with the chairs in front of me.  I tried to keep my eyes open, but they failed me and as soon as Jenny was off stage, I was gone.  

Luckily, I don't snore, gargle, or gag in my sleep, so the interruption I caused was spread only to those closest in proximity to me.  Unfortunately, the people closest to me were Wallis (not so bad) and another man's date.  Of course, just my luck, my head falls to my right and rests gracefully on the shoulder of the girl next to me.  Not Wallis.  Apparently at this moment, other girl looks down at me, over at Wallis, smiles, and Wallis proceeds to give me a good elbow in my side.  

There are some things that we do in our lives that we would never know we did if it weren't for the friends who care most about us.  I have several of these traits (some a bit more like flaws), but one of them apparently occurs every time I try to discreetly wake up from a nap.  I guess I give a large and slightly desperate gasp... the kind that you hear when someone comes up for air when they're nearly drowning.  On this particular occasion, as it was in the middle of a tender duet between the two supporting females in a theater known for its acoustic qualities, my gasp for the breath of life got quite a stare from those around us (and possibly, probably a lot more).  

I am proud to say though, that my little incident was not repeated as I focused on the opera (and staying awake) for the rest of the event.  Jenny did fantastically, I enjoyed some amazing fudge, and the night was topped off with a great trip to Red Robin where I stuffed my face with enough bottomless fries to feed all the kids in those "Feed the Children" ads that make you feel like the bacteria on the poo on the bottom of your shoe.  

Though it was all grand and swell, it will always be remembered as the night of my operatic slumber.