Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Flashback--Apparently, The Pink Ranger Smells Like Tulips

I don't think that there could be any tv show that could define my childhood like The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers can.

Now I'm don't even want to talk about the new junk that's come out since 1996.  Once Kimberly and Tommy (The pink and white rangers) left the show, there was really no hope for the Power Rangers to be able to continue their saga.

Ok, so I was unlike many of the boys in my class in that rather than be revolted by Kimberly and all of her "pink-ness," I was obsessed with her.  I was absolutely enthralled by her beauty and could have stared at her all day as my 6- through 8-year-old self.  You could say that Amy-Jo Johnson was my first true love.

Amy-Jo Johnson (aka Kimberly) in all her 90s beauty

So here's the d-l on my passion for pink.  I remember when I was 7 years old and my mom got me my first journal.  Now this was during the time when journals and diaries were all the craze.  I don't think you could get through a single commercial break on tv without seeing an ad for some new voice-locked diary.  Anyway, I got this journal--it was the big green standard one that you can find at Deseret Book--and I remember going into the downstairs bathroom and shutting the door, ensuring that it was locked; this was my journal, it was my private thoughts, and nobody, I mean nobody, was going to read it. At the time, my family had 2 stacks of heavy books situated in spiral formation on the floor as part of the bathroom decor.  They were atlas-type books, each book about a different country and its culture.  Well, I positioned myself against those books and got to writing my first ever journal entry.

Now let me preface this by saying that I'm pretty sure that my divulging my first two journal entries really shows my dedication to and love for you readers that stumble upon this blog because this is kind of embarrassing.

 I proceeded to write an ode to both the white and pink rangers.  To maintain my masculinity, I wrote the one to the white ranger first.  I drew a picture of him and went off about how cool he was and how he was so much better than the red one ever would be; after all, he was more powerful than all of the others combined.  The one on the pink ranger, though, was something special.  I also drew a picture of her--she was doing one of those jumping in mid-air side kicks.  In my 7-year-old handwriting (which was actually quite good compared to the rest of my classmates), I began to write how she was beautiful and that I wished I were Tommy because they were going to get married.  I wrote, "she smells like 'purfume' (yes, that's exactly how I spelled it), she smells like tulips."  I don't really know why I put tulips, it was probably one of the only flowers that I knew the name of, as well as how to draw.  But, I later discovered that tulips are one of the most not-so-pretty smelling flowers that I've laid nose on.  Either way, I was enamored.

Whether you were in love with one of the power rangers or just thought they had cool zords, you know you wanted to be one (maybe you even wanted to be Bulk or Skull).  It's one of those things that just about anyone who grew up in the 90s admits to.

Just remember, if you're ever in trouble, you can always rely on this fool-proof line to help you through:
"It's Morphin' Time!"