Friday, September 2, 2011

Advanced Style

Ok guys... so I've recently stumbled across a fantastic new blog.  At work, some of our "employee privileges" changed while I was gone... I think I've mentioned it already, but basically, no youtube, hulu, netflix, or facebook.  I know, saddest day ever!  Basically, the people up top said that any free time we have should be used towards homework, reading, and journal writing.  Well, it has been established that blogging counts as journal writing, so 1: my blogging has been bumped up a notch, and 2: my blog reading and following has skyrocketed.  Well, while searching for new and fantastic things to read, I came across a blog dedicated to the outlandish styles of our seniors.  This isn't a blog about old men in waist high pants 20 sizes too big and women in muumuus.  These are classy and crazy women who have taken the style world to a whole new level.  They don't care what others think and they dress how they want.  Lets just say that they make heads turn by living by the motto, "The object is to look as chic as you can, but your average person on the street would never wear this."  Anyway, to check out this little treasure, click here.  Also, check out this video from the blog... it's probably my favorite thing I've seen on the site and one of the many highlights of my week!

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