Monday, September 19, 2011

Benefits of Bacon

People call cops pigs.  I understand much of this as I have had a few undesirable encounters with them (yes, I'm talking to you! Mr. Cop who gave me a ticket for going 9 over in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!)  Anyway, we all understand that they aren't the most favored people in the world, but they do do a lot at the same time.  Either way you look at it, people still call them pigs.

Today, I call them bacon instead, because bacon is good.

Today at work, I had to do a money delivery; ergo, a cop had to accompany my coworker and me.  In conversation, we talked about the classes we had and it came up that I had class in about 15 minutes.  About 5 minutes later, we got back to my work building and he says, "you have class down on campus in 10 minutes or so right?  Would you like a ride?"   

So I got a ride to class from a policeman because he knew I was running late to class.  

I feel a lot better about my tax dollars right now.

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