Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin!

Bah!  This morning has already started off with a BANG! 

I hopped on FB real quick for my morning fix and scrolled down the newsfeed to stalk the people I never really talk to nor will I ever talk to, but that's beside the point.  Well about 4 different people all posted the same video of the new Kia Soul commercial and I just about died in my seat!

This has basically been the song of the Summer, particularly the song of EFY.  I actually started shufflin' before I ever heard the song (as a counselor, your knowledge of the latest and greatest becomes quite impaired) because all my kids were shufflin' ALL. THE. TIME.  Well, I finally saw the video (the original which if you for some reason have not seen yet, you may click here.) and I fell in love.  

Later that summer, I ended up rooming for the week with a counselor named Michael Von Forell.  He seemed quiet at first, but we finally bonded over the power of shufflin'.  You see, every Friday night at EFY is the notorious lockdown.  Basically, the counselors have to stay up til o-dark hundred to make sure that the kids don't do anything stupid on the last night of life without parents.  Pretty much, it's the most boring night of your life... that is unless you are Michael and Cameron. We watched that music video til our eyes were bloodshot and we proceeded to shuffle barefoot on that terrible commercial carpet for nearly 3 hours straight.  We shouldn't have done it for that long, but our BC (the head counselor dude that was over us) decided to "forget" to text us saying that we were free to go to bed.  But don't you worry, we kept ourselves busy.  Other counselors would walk by and sometimes join in on the fun while others would just stare at us wondering why in the world we were so hopped up on that could give us the energy to do so after a week of sleeplessness.  

We also had a little fun with the other counselor who was on the other end of our floor, Tanner Wilson.  Bless Tanner's little heart, he was completely engrossed in his artwork, so I look at Michael with a little gleam in mine eye and say, "Hey Michael... how far do you think I can get crawling seductively toward Tanner before he notices?"  Michael's answer: half way.  Enthusiastically, I accepted the challenge and proceeded to do the creepiest crawl one has ever seen down the dormitory hallway.  There I was, doing my best not to bust up laughing so that I wouldn't give myself away, and Michael is rolling on the floor convulsing.    I get to the halfway point where Michael bet I could get and roll into the area where the drinking fountain is.  I turn around and find that I now have an small audience.  I'm dying at this point and continue on.  Tanner still hasn't noticed and I'm wondering how!  I keep on inching closer and closer, crawling a bit like a jungle cat, stifling my laughter so that it sounds like I have a small cough.  Every door I pass I'm wondering when he will look up and what his reaction is going to be.  Finally... FINALLY... when there is only 1 door in between us, he looks up and jumps back with this look on his face that is a mixture of confusion, fear, and shock.  I start rolling and Michael in the background starts clapping and laughing at the same time.  Lets just say that Tanner and I have been quite good friends ever since.

Well, with our faces were dripping and our feet on the brink of bleeding, but we were amused, exhausted, and happy.  Oh, and since that epic night, everyday we're shufflin'!

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  1. Ha ha so I was just blog stalking and came across this gem, I LOVE this as a counselor and as a human being...