Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luck of the Irish... Wait, I'm Not Even Irish!

Near the middle of May, I finally broke down and succumbed to the pressure of the world; I bought my first iPod--an iPod touch even!  Yeah yeah, I know, I'm only like 7 years too late.  Heck, my grandparents had iPod touches before I even owned a classic!  Anyway, life was fantastic and I realized that it really did make life that much more sublime.

Then tragedy hit.  During Wednesday lunch on my second to last week of EFY, my new toy disappeared.  That's right, some rotten EFY kid stole it.  Now I normally defend my lil' EFY youngsters when they're judged by my peers who, rightly so, condemn them for overtaking our campus; however, in this instance, the kid who committed this crime really is downright rotten!  Well, shaking my fists in the air, I lowered my head and have dragged my feet back into my own personal dark ages of an iPod-less life.

Here's where life gets good again.  

So yesterday, I was subbing up in the Dean's Office and it was starting out to be a good day for 2 reasons.  First of all, one of the deans was nice enough to bring me a hearty breakfast: a breakfast burrito, fried potatoes, fresh fruit, and a glass of milk.  If that wasn't great enough already, a very smiley lady comes up to my desk and asks me if I was new.  I responded saying that I was just subbing for the usual secretary and she says, "oh, well that's ok.  My co-workers and I were just discussing you and commenting on how much we love your style.  It's like a dapper modernized 80's look and seeing as how we all were at our prime in the 80's, we absolutely love it."  I knew at that point, that it was going to be a good day.  I even posted her comment as my FB status, saying that it was going to be a good day.  That status has currently gone to receive 20 likes and several comments.  For the most part, it really was a good day!  Little did I know that it could get better.

So last night, I'm in my car, driving with a couple girls from my ward to a big Mexican Independence Day fiesta with a Spanish ward that we're paired up with and my phone starts to go haywire in my pocket.  I pull it out and look at it.  I don't recognize the number, but I figure that it's just someone from my ward that needs directions or something like that, but nay! it was not.  Allow me to present the conversation that followed.

     Me: Hello?
     Girl: Hi, I'm looking for Cameron Smithson
     Me: This is he.
     Girl: Hi Cameron, my name is Marit Kemppainen and I'm from the Daily Universe.  I'm calling to let you know that you have won the drawing for the free iPad2!
     Me: SHUT UP!  Are you kidding me!?
     Girl: Nope!  Congratulations!

I proceed to turn around and yell out to the girls in my car, "Guys! I just won an iPad!"  The car starts freaking out with "no fair," and "that's so cool," and other words of shock.

So here's how it happened.  While I was at work, I was reading the Daily Universe (our school paper) and I noticed an ad.  I've seen this ad all week, but until that time, had chosen to ignore.  It was a picture of a girl apparently named Melissa with a banner across it saying, "Melissa liked us on facebook and she won an iPad!  You can too!"  Now I never win these things AND I hate liking things on facebook.  I don't know why I don't like liking things, but I just don't.  However, for some reason, I, along with 2,226 other people, decided to like the page in hopes to win.  I would have never guessed in a million years, that I would actually win!

Well, Marit and I talk for a bit more and she asks me to be at Brigham Square tomorrow (as in today) at 11 so that they can present it to me and take my picture... who knows, I may be the next kid on one of those banners like Melissa!

Moral of the story: Bad stuff happens to good people, but sometimes, amazing stuff happens to good people too!

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  1. What a great day! (and as I commented on FB: you do have a bit o' the Irish in ye!)

    Crazy, but those ladies at your work are probably close to my age! I do count my instilling a love of all things 80s in you as one of my greatest accomplishments!