Monday, September 26, 2011

Poodle Skirts and Cardigans

I have the most amazing ward.  Period.  I moved to The Colony not really knowing much about it, but it has turned out to be a real Godsend.  The people are fantastic and it is one of the most social places I've ever lived.  We always seem to be having an activity, and, as the new activities committee co-chair, I will probably end up blogging a whole bunch about these activities that will be happening.  This last Saturday, we had one of the best activities I've ever been to: 50's themed swing dance.

It was a really legit party complete with  western swing lessons, a photo booth, and a soft-serve ice cream bar.

Kylie and Kyle swingin' up a storm
My favorite part of the evening was getting all dressed up like it was 1955.  My roommates, bless their souls, had no idea what to do, so yours truly came to the rescue and we ended up turning out the best-dressed apartment of the night. 

Kyle, me, Jake, and Jim... yes, those are mostly my clothes
We originally tried making Jim and Jake greasers, but it just wasn't happening.  I really wish I took pictures of them with black tees tucked into rolled-up jeans, but I unfortunately didn't.  Instead, we opted for the button up and cardigan looks.  Quote of the night goes to Jake: "I look like my grandpa!"  Of all the roommates, however, Kyle was the funniest to dress.  You see, Kyle has a few things that almost function as a security blanket--not in a bad way, they are just things that he is never seen without: his fauxhoc and his white Oakley sunglasses.  Here's how our conversation went:

Kyle: Can I wear my sunglasses?
Me: No
Kyle: Please?
Me: No
Kyle: What about my fauxhoc?
Me: No
Kyle: What about these shoes? (picking up a pair of plaid slip-ons)
Me: No
Kyle: What about these shoes (picking up another pair of trendy shoes)
Me: No

Kyle was a real good sport and ended up looking real swell, if I do say so myself.  All three of them were great when it came to getting into character--even with the hair (even if it meant spending an extra 5 min in the shower trying to get all the product out).

At the dance, I ran into a new friend, Hillary Zapata.  Hillary is a way cool girl, but what makes her even cooler is that we matched.  Before you say anything... no, we didn't plan it... we just happened to both be wearing orange... my sweater and her poodle skirt (it looks more cream, but her scarf the tulle underneath was as orange as it gets).  Naturally, we couldn't pass up spending the evening together.

After the dance, we really couldn't pass up the chance to head over to The Malt Shop--after all, we were dressed the part!  We didn't even get anything... we just went and hung out and took pictures in front of the juke box 'cause we're cool like that.

Calli, Hillary, Me, Kati chillin at The Malt Shop

Mac and me showing off the suspenders
After a night of fun, I might venture to say that that was the best dance/ward activity I've ever been to!

 *for some of the pictures, I applied a 1960's effect to make it seem a bit more authentic in case any of you were wondering what kind of effect was being used.


  1. Oh my gosh that looks SO fun!!!!! Love all of YOUR outfits!

  2. Booyah, best apartment ever! Cameron, I'll let you dress me anytime ;)

  3. Cameron,

    You are the COOLEST ever. There is a reason why I love are the male version of me...I am just not quite as cool.

    Love the photos and the effects. Love your blog.

    I used to work at The Malt Shoppe a lifetime ago.

    Love it that you dressed all your roomies.

  4. :) Your friends in Knoxville will be proud of you for that orange cardigan.

    Too bad you couldn't wear it on your mission, it would have got you some investigators for sure.

  5. Alice, by the time youre done, I'm gonna have a head the size of Jupiter... But thanks, you're pretty awesome yourself

    And Jake, we really do have a kick butt apt