Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Really? REALLY!?!?

Ok, so we all know that lots of times, our beloved BYU is a bit... well... lacking in diversity.  But I guess that's not just BYU, but most of Utah in general.  Now don't get mad at me all you Utards, I understand that there is some diversity... I've had many a friend tell me, "UT is too diverse!  I had a Black friend in high school!"  Key word, "a."  Case closed.

Anyway, because of this lack of diversity, lots of people try to prove themselves to be "cultured and refined" and act as if there is some large injustice being had.  They throw fits about every little thing and stand in protest for what they believe to be morally wrong.

Or they write a letter to the school newspaper.

Today's post is dedicated to a one Aly Perry, from Sandy, UT, who decided to take a stand for all those offended by the ever so racist crosswalk man.

 Here's what Aly had to say about our little friend seen above.

Though I have heard the snickers and seen the dirty looks of those who are obviously a little too insensitive when it comes to political correctness, I deeply hope my remarks will touch the hearts of BYU students.
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that all of the stoplight crosswalk signals around BYU are silhouettes of white men?
This might be common practice around the United States, but are we not above the world?
We students follow a strict honor code that sets us apart.
We are different, and we are a university that celebrates its cultural diversity.
Should we not take a stand and support all races (and genders, for that matter) that attend this amazing university?
Yes, I understand the majority of BYU students are Caucasian, but why should that make a difference?
I have friends of other races and my heart goes out to them when I see so many indications white people are apparently the only ones on this planet.
Why not make a green light for walkers?
Why not put the word “walk” instead of a picture?
Please, heed the words of the living prophets in our Church magazine: “…out of this diversity must come unity, oneness and love.”
Aly Perry
Sandy, UT

Aly poses the question, "Am I the only one bothered by the fact that all of the stoplight crosswalk signals around BYU are silhouettes of white men?"  To answer her question, probably not.  I'm sure that there are plenty of people that have found white lightbulbs offensive in the past, but what about the other colors?  I propose that we change the color all red lights, stop signs, and the red hand that sits right next to the white crossing man because that would be offensive to the Native Americans.  Oh, and all the yellow yield signs and caution lights! nope... my Asian friends are offended by those.  One friend of mine proposed that we change the crosswalk lines on the road from white to rainbow, but then we realized that if we did that, then the homosexuals would go into a frenzy because they don't deserve to be walked on!  They're better than that!  We obviously can't have a life in black and white because that would be racist, so what if we simply paint the world sepia!?  Wait, no... that would present an issue to anyone who has been blessed with melanin in their life!  But back to the crosswalk man.  I think that if we're complaining about his color, we could break it down a little further.  I think he's a little too skinny.  He also seems a bit tall, and wait... is he bald?  What about glasses?  I want to see one with glasses!  So if this is the case, can't we get together all the obese, the midgets, the hairy, the hard of sight?

Basically, Aly, it's a lightbulb.  So sue the world that white lightbulbs are easier to see against a black background in the middle of the day than blue ones are.  But I do have one thing to show to Aly and anyone else offended by our little friend...

check it out... he's not white.


  1. She's being facetious...right? RIGHT?

    PS Loving you and loving your blog!

  2. Hahahahaha this post really made my Stats class a lot more interesting.

  3. Things written in to the DU are never to be taken seriously. They are purely for reaction. Except the Jimmer chick. I think she was for real.

  4. too funny! You should send this in to the Daily Universe. Really makes you realize it's just a sign. :)

  5. AMEN! I love this post. Thank you.

  6. Your bias shows. These men all have TWO legs!

    Your Favorite Aunty

  7. @Ro: Who you calling his favorite Auntie? Ha!
    Cool post Cam. Glad to have found your blog.

  8. Oh this post totally made me laugh! Reminds me of when I was back at BYU and laughing at all the crazy stuff people would write in to the Daily Universe. I miss those days... enjoy them! Sounds like you already are! :)

    Great blog, I'm so glad I found it! This is Ashley, by the way, the best babysitter ever. ;)