Friday, September 16, 2011

'Twas Not a Farse!

 So part of me was worried yesterday that the whole iPad deal-io was just a great practical joke, but it was real!  I went to Brigham Square yesterday where the Daily Universe was having a little shindig and there it was waiting for me to pick up!  They announced my name over the speakers, took my picture, had me sign a release, and sent me on my pretty little way!  Funny thing was that they needed a picture, but forgot to get a photographer, so some girl from the DU pulled out her phone and took a quick snapshot.  They posted this picture on their fb page.

My favorite part was the several comments "disliking" the photo (to which I promptly responded by liking their negativity)

So I took it home and unwrapped this little beauty

This is going to be fun!!!


  1. I envy how photogenic you are! It might also possibly just be that you're more attractive than I am, so obviously you photograph better haha.

    Congrats on the iPad!

  2. Oh Candace, you are too sweet :)