Tuesday, October 25, 2011

burfday breakfast for kyle

Today is my roommate Kyle's birthday!  Yup... he's 23, beautiful, and single (to all you ladies who were wondering). 
Good Morning Kyle!

Well Kyle's a pretty hot topic in the world of BYU... probably the most popular kid on campus, so we wanted to make sure that we as roommates weren't overshadowed in all of his birthday wishes.  How did we do this... well... maybe it wasn't ALL that great... we had a fantastic breakfast waiting for him when he woke up.  I know... I think that it may be becoming a tradition in our apartment that that is what happens on your birthday--you get a decorated apartment and breakfast.  It seems like it's really the only time that all of us are home and conscious.

So last night, we (minus Kyle) made a midnight run to good 'ol Wally World (what is it with me and midnight runs to that place!?) with no idea what in the world we were going to do.  It was kind of panic mode when we realized that we really should have hit up the dollar store earlier in the day.  However, we still managed to end up ok.  We figured we'd do breakfast and decorate and do a bunch of dumb little gifts... nothin' too hard, but still good.  We would have probably thrown him a huge party later in the day, but Kyle unfortunately does not like parties.  At all.  We ended up finding a scarecrow that we have dubbed as his girlfriend for the day.  After finding that, we felt better about ourselves and other things just fell in place.

Kind of shy at first
A look of flirtatious confirmation

Putting the moves on her
After a late night at Wal Mart, it was an even earlier morning... trying to wake up to be make breakfast was probably one of the hardest things I will have to do all week.  Jake came in to wake me up and I walked out of my room to find him asleep on the love sac.  Great start.  But we got to it and got decorations up (thanks to leftovers from my birthday and seasonal ones that have been sent in packages from my mom) and a breakfast of french toast, buttermilk syrup, scrambled eggs, and lemon poppy seed muffins all made in time for us to eat, not shower (yes, it is most definitely a hat day), and run out the door to not be late for work.

Kyle said he didn't think anyone could make an uglier face than me, but then he saw Jim

But Happy Birthday Kyle.  You are fantastic.


  1. you guys are so cute to each other as roommates! I thought guys just said happy birthday to each other on their birthdays and that's it. this is legit. lovin the scarecrow girlfriend!

  2. When you say conscious in the mornings, you mean conscious as in our eyes are mostly open and we can speak; not conscious as in know whats going on, make intelligent conversation and remember things, right? cause thats kinda how i felt this morning...