Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday--Your Favorite Big Red Dog

A couple weeks ago I blogged about hula-hooping in Wal-Mart.  What I didn't tell you was that once we got back to Eric's place, I passed one of the best lawn ornaments I think I've ever seen--not because of how clever or cute or grandiose it was, but because of how it brought me right down memory lane.

Yes, that is most definitely a red dog, a miniature Clifford sitting on a front porch right here in Provo!  I may or may not have gotten really excited and made enough of a commotion about it that the people that lived there came out to see what was going on right as we were leaving.  We didn't meet them, but it made me laugh that they came outside because they knew that someone was outside talking about their conversation-piece lawn ornament.

  You see, my mom's a librarian, so the love for books has been instilled in me since before I can remember.  My parents really saw value in books and were consistent in making sure that the books that we read and the books that they purchased for our home collection were of the utmost quality.  If there was an option between hardback or paperback, hard won every time.  I guess that means that Clifford the Big Red Dog fell under the category of quality reading.  That, or maybe they just liked that Clifford's owner and my sister shared the name Emily.  Either way, I'm glad they approved because it was one of my favorites back in my picture book days.

Yay for good books and quality children's literature.  Where would we be without it!?

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