Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flashback--Where's the Clue?

So this week's Friday Flashback may be a bit of a stretch and is possibly one that you will scroll on through.  Last week, I was hanging out with some new friends Bailey and Megan.  They're sisters, but you wouldn't ever know it... it's probably the hair color... brunette vs red head... Anyway, as we were sitting around watching ridiculous youtube videos of Asian mob pranks (absolutely hilarious!... click here to watch) and as we were, Megan gave me a flashback to 5th grade.  I realized that Megan's shirt would make the perfect costume for Steve, the dude from Nick Jr's ever-so-classic Blue's Clues!

 Megan was such a good sport about it all, especially since Bailey and she didn't have tv growing up, ergo she had no idea who I was talking about when I told her she could be the guy from Blue's Clues.

Ok, so Blue's Clues is a little passed my time, but only sort of.  I think it came out around my 5th grade year, so I was a bit old for it; however, I totally watched it at my grandparents' house when they would watch us while we were on vacation and there was absolutely nothing else on.  I think I remember a lot of people, girls particularly, that just thought it was one of the cutest shows ever with the cutest characters in the world... yup, they definitely went around in middle school holding Blue's Clues stuffed animals and backpacks because they thought it was cool.  I actually remember one girl in my ceramics class making salt and pepper shakers in the forms of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper

There is one thing I can say about Blue's Clues, you get those songs stuck in your head like there's no tomorrow!  

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you're not too mad at me for getting these songs stuck in your head! :/ 

Also, as a side note, here's the winner of last week's battle between NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys
  • Backstreet Boys - 48%
  • *NSYNC            - 30%
  • Neither                - 13%
  • Undecided           - 9%

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  1. I watched Blues Clues till I was like 13. Embarrassing or not, it's the truth! I loved that show.