Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hula Hoops after Dark/Ode to Eric

I met up with some old friends last night, Eric, Lindsey, and Megan, just because.  We didn't really know what we would end up doing, so where do we go?  The same place everyone goes when they wander around Provo aimlessly at 10:30 at night: Wendy's and Wally World (good alliteration right!?!?).

Now what do 22- and 23-year-olds do at Wal-Mart?  They go straight for the toy section and hula-hoop, of course!

Or, if you're Lindsey, you make silly faces when you find a ginormous coloring book!

or if you're me, you just make faces, period.

And that, my friends, is how life is on a Tuesday night in Provo--the land where everywhere closes at 10.
Ok, insert digression/new blog post/continue reading if you want to... just click read more :)

Well last night, whilst perusing the toys in Wally World, my blog came up (most likely because I took pictures, but also because Megan and Lindsey have been two of my most faithful followers ever since I started this thing).  Anyway, it was mentioned that I was mentioned in Eric's blog, but I have yet to mention him in mine.  Ergo, the following post where I dedicate the entire thing to how Cameron and Eric came to be.  

Eric is one of my oldest friends; we were basically destined to be friends since the pre-existence.  So permit me to rewind time back to the beginning.  It all started in the last week of August, 2006.  Eric and I were both recently graduated from High School and moving into the no-longer-existent BYU dorms Deseret Towers (DT).  DT was cheap--it was homely--heck, it was straight up ghetto--and it was totally for us. 

So here's how the story goes.  My family was helping me move in, and, as my sister Becca was yet to turn one, she was securely placed in her stroller.  Well, we walked down the hall of the second floor of Q Hall to my room, the last room on the floor, room 215; however, our path was impeded by a stack of suitcases sitting in the hallway, just one room away from mine.  A nice lady came out apologizing for the inconvenience and began moving the suitcases out of our way so that the stroller could get by.  My mom and I walk by with a couple of my things and as we do, we hear from behind the lady's voice exclaim, "Todd!?  Todd Smithson!?"

Within seconds, we then hear my dad respond with an enthusiastic, "Kathy Busath!?"  My mom and I turn around and see my dad excitedly hugging some strange woman and right behind them, I see Eric and his dad watching his mom hugging my dad.  Both of us look at each other a little uneasily and give an awkward laugh/grin just trying to figure out what the heck is going on!  It turns out that Eric's mom and my dad were more or less best friends in high school and had lost contact once college and missions and marriage hit.  

Well Eric and I have been best friends ever since (which is apparently a good thing because our parents were worried that their friendship could have been the kiss of death to Eric and my friendship).


  1. looooove it! what a fun night! lovin the alliteration too... wendy's and wally world :)

  2. dude. this is so legit. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! Thank goodness for DT!