Saturday, October 15, 2011

leaves and a waterfall

So as the activities committee co-chair, I get to plan all sorts of activities, some big and some small.  Well, we've had some bigger activities as of late, so to tide over the ward members until our Halloween party extravaganza, we decided to do a ward hike last Saturday to a Stewart Falls , a waterfall up Provo Canyon.  Unfortunately, last week was the week of weather bi-polarity, so out of our ward of 200+ people, 16 showed up (lets just say that there was A LOT of trail mix and water bottles left over).  

The troopers that actually made it out of bed on a Saturday morning
 I understand, it was cold and a bit early for a weekend (9:30 a.m.), but it ended up being absolutely beautiful, so all of those people that decided to stay in bed really missed out!  I mean, I know that I consistently complain about Utah... I know, I know... I chose to live here, but the whole weather issue is a bit of a stretch for my San Diegan blood.  However, there IS one thing that Utah has that San Diego doesn't, and that's the changing leaves.  Leaves changing in the fall is a bit of a bittersweet thing for me... it's absolutely breathtaking, but it also means that winter is right around the corner.  Anyway, this season, I'm choosing to focus on the beauty and the smell of freshly-fallen leaves (the smell is really the kicker for me... my roommate Kyle says that I have a nose like unto that of a pregnant woman, so good smells like autumn leaves are kind of a big deal for me) instead of the snow that looms ahead.  

The hike was amazing though, and honestly, I'm really glad for the weather... it was perfect temperature for hiking because you don't break into a sweat where you normally would.  The hike was pretty easy as well... it actually reminded me of a lot of the hikes that I went on in TN.  One of my comments while hiking was how much the scenery reminded me of TN (the trees were just a lot less dense).

 We got to the waterfall and it was amazing... I have a thing for water features... it's what makes nature beautiful to me.  Honestly this hike would have been just ok if there weren't a waterfall at the end.  When people talk about where they want to live when they grow up, I just say that there has to be some sort of water feature nearby.  Mountains alone really don't do very much for me... it's one of the things that sets me apart from a lot of the UT crowd... it seems like they're all obsessed with the mountains and bonfires and stuff like that... honestly, I don't even like bonfires unless there's a body of water nearby... I feel dirty when there isn't an ocean breeze or the sound of rushing water nearby.  But I digress... back to the waterfall!

Overall, I'd say that we had a pretty great time and it was as a good lesson to all of those who decided that it was better to not go that it is always worth it to go on a hike on a brisk October morning.


  1. WHo's the crazy guy who hikes in flipflops..especially when it's cold enough for snow outside.

  2. dude, I totally did that same hike that afternoon! I wonder if you saw the trail of rose petals leading to the waterfall's edge that we saw. perhaps there was a couple that hiked it between both of our hiking groups that had a romantic moment there...