Monday, October 24, 2011

yup, my uncle is pretty cool... he waves at busses

So my uncle Dale is one of the coolest guys I know.  For almost the last year and a half, he has been waving at the school bus that my cousin Rain rides... dressed up like a different character each day.  He's gotten a bunch of media attention and have been in newspapers, magazines, and tv shows... everything from the National Enquirer to Good Morning America!  Even the internationals want a piece of him... Basically, he's kind of a big deal.

Well, I'm walking into work this morning and pass by the Daily Universe stand (I feel like I might have a few too many posts that have spawned from the Daily Universe), and lo and behold, I see my uncle dressed up in a mariachi costume on the front page.  (To read the article, click here)  Honestly, I'm wondering why it took so long for the Daily Universe to pick up on the story!

I'm sure that at least some of you have visited the blog that my aunt Rochelle set up,  Right now, they have nearly 7 million views and have over 2000 followers.  Either way, I feel a definite boost in popularity... what can I say, I'm popular by association!  I've actually always felt popular by association when it comes to Dale... he used to own a bunch of paintball fields and stores in UT, so when I would meet people from UT when I was younger, I would say, "oh yeah... you know Pegleg Paintball?  My uncle owns that place..."  He used to play pro paintball and even back home in San Diego, my friends who were into paintball had heard of him.  I'd also always talk about how he was famous for his Halloween decorations.  I mean, who else do you know that starts decorating his house for Halloween in September and has purchased 2 Hearses for decoration!?  Really... he goes all out and gets a bunch of media action because of that too!  I haven't been up there yet for this season, but I think a trip up to Chelle and Dale's place is definitely in order this upcoming weekend... it is Halloween, after all!

Here are a few of my favorite costumes that he's done over the last year and a half

Someday, I might be able to be as cool as Dale is... I definitely want to follow his example as a father in teaching my future children  to not take [themselves] so seriously and to remember to laugh at yourself, because life is really hard without that."

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  1. That's really cool! Where does he get all of the costumes? I like their Halloween decorations too, looks like those first graders had a blast!