Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Said, "Gingers have No Souls!?"

A couple weekends ago, Tara had an opera recital and it was spectacular.  Now Tara is one of my best friends, so she knows that opera is not one of my favorite things in the world (for a funny story of me at the opera, click here).  However, I always make it a point to attend the productions in which Tara participates.  This time around, Tara was not performing in a production, it was just her, a pianist, and a vase of flowers sitting on a stand to her left.  

And guess what!?  I loved it!  That's right... I went to an opera performance and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  There were several times that I got chills because of how fantastic Tara was.  She really was singing with the voice of an angel.  She was more confident than I have ever seen her and you could tell that she owned that stage.

The turnout was unbelievable as well.  Normally, you might expect 75 people to show up (and that's really good), but there were over 200 people that showed up to listen to Tara sing.  It just goes to show both how amazing she is as well as how much she is loved.

Oh, and did I say that she was dang hot!

Funny side story about the Madsen Concert Hall (the concert hall the Tara performed in).  This is actually the room that I was blessed in as a baby.  At BYU, all buildings are dedicated and function as chapels.  When I was born, our ward met in this room.  I also puked many a time here... yes, I was one of those projectile vomiting babies, and with the amazing acoustics of this hall, when I puked, everyone heard it as it splatted on the hardwood floors.  But I digress, this post is all about Tara!

 One of the things that we loved was the faces that Tara made.  It wasn't because they were funny, but because each one displayed the exact emotion of the song

This may be my favorite picture of all
Refreshments after the recital were wonderfully unique.  The trendy thing to do now is the cupcake bar, but Tara was ingenious enough to throw the latest trend a bit of a twist by turning it into a make-your-own cheesecake bar.  Basically, there were mini cheesecakes (both regular and chocolate) with a variety of toppings, ranging from fresh raspberries and kiwi to chocolate chips and whipped cream.  No, I didn't get any pictures of the desserts... I'm sorry, but I was too busy actually eating them!

Tara and me

Wallis and Tara (that is her super happy smile 'cause she's wrinkling her nose)
 Well sung, Tara, you are fantastic and wonderful and beautiful and every other complimentary adjective I can think of.

 I would say that is one ginger with a whole heck of a lot of soul!

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