Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Party EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Ok.  So being the activities committee co-chair is a lot more work than I thought it would be!  Well, maybe not... maybe it's just because of the fact that we decided to invite 3 other wards!  Lets just say that this was possibly one of the most epic ward Halloween parties anyone has ever experienced.  I mean, just look at the invitations that I whipped up to advertise this amazingness!

As you can see, there were plenty of activities.  We basically split up the activity amongst all of the members of our amazing committee (bless them! they were absolutely amazing in everything that they did to get this party on it's feet and rolling), which left me with two activities to be in charge of: the fortune-telling booth and the dance (which I might say were two of the biggest successes of the night, but others are more than welcome to dispute this statement).  Not gonna lie, I was really nervous about how they were going to come together.  I mean, I'm good at coming up with ideas and getting people to come to things, but the actual logistics of the ordeal is not necessarily my forte.

 But let me rewind for a moment.  The costumes! Oh were our costumes fantastic!  You see, with my hair being as long as it is, I've gotten a lot of suggestions for possible Halloween costumes: Jimmy Neutron, Johnny Bravo, a greaser... but of all the suggestions, one shone above the rest--Syndrome from the Incredibles.  I got all of the stuff together for my costume (worst part: the fact that you can only buy whitey tighties in 4-packs!) and I borrowed my aunt and uncle Rochelle and Dale's Incredibles costumes for my roommates. (Yes, this is the wave at the bus uncle that you readers are oh so fond of.)  We looked great!

Kyle: Mr. Incredible   Me: Syndrome   Jake: Dash   Jim: Jack-Jack

Helping Jake get his mask on

Wallis wasn't able to get into the Incredibles garb until actual Halloween, so she opted for a pirate for the tail-end of the party that she was able to go to (she got called into work, much to her dismay).  But it worked out fine and she was an amazing Violet for our trip up to Rochelle and Dale's on Monday night.

Pirate Mode

Ok, so now that I got all of my costume excitement out of the way, the party.  The fortune-teller booth that I got set up was Un.Believable!  The way the party basically worked was that each activity was hosted in a different apartment down the street, and the apartment that we chose for the fortune-teller booth couldn't have been more perfect!  For whatever reason, the girls in that apartment happened to just have tons of trinkets and fabric and pillows and whatnot--all perfect for what would probably be in a gypsy's lair.  I went over to their place before the party to see what kind of stuff they had that we could use, and they confidently told me that they had this one down.  I went in to see it right before the party and I practically fell to the floor!  The decor couldn't have been more perfect.  Anyway, if the ambiance wasn't perfect enough, the fortune tellers I got were the best ever!  My friends Kylie and Lauren were kind enough to come to the party and entertain the guests.  They even did it last minute because the people I had originally gotten bailed last minute.  So not only did they save the day, but they did it in great style.  Heck! they aren't even in my stake, let alone any of the wards that attended!  I definitely owe them all sorts of baked goods because they were most definitely the main attraction of the evening.

Kylie the Fortune Femme Fatal and Lauren the Gorgeous Ginger Gypsy
Just one of the shrines of gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
The line of people out the door waiting to get their fortunes told

The rest of the activities were great too and it everyone really had a great time.


We ended the night with a dance... there were a few scares with getting it all set, but it was of the most epic proportions!

Me just being Mr DJ
The only bad part was trying to get all the gel, hairspray, and coloring junk out of my hair.  I swear, I washed it 5 times and it still felt like there was all sorts of nastiness in it!  Also, all four of us guys looked like we had hard-core mascara on during Stake Conference the next day because of the leftover residue from the black face paint that we used for masks.  We tried, but I guess there really are reasons for products like make-up remover.

It kind of looks like someone was trying to make orange jell-o in our tub.

So, outcome of the party? Epic Success? I think yes!  
I'm just glad it's over!

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  1. I'm so very impressed that you put this all together!